Content Management Systems

Why should I use a Content Management System (CMS)? That is a question we get asked almost daily by both our current and potential clients. The truth is, a client almost needs to feel the pain of a static website before they can fully understand and appreciate the advantages of a CMS-driven solution.

A lot of our customers started off with template-based systems or used very basic administrative tools to maintain their websites.These usually work well initially, when the sites are smaller and have less content, but over time these sites grow organically, and as the amount of content increases, so do the challenges of maintaining it. What used to take just one person to manage now takes many. In many cases, the organization will have a person (or group of people) responsible for writing the content, and another person or group (usually IT or web developer) responsible for implementing the changes. This process tends to be very inefficient and takes more time and costs more money than is necessary.

In addition, as more and more pages are added to the website, it often becomes necessary to create new layouts and arrangements toaccommodate this new content. Changes to the layout and appearance of the website often mean that a programmer will need to be involved in the creation of these new pages and layouts. In the end, the website is comprised of numerous page templates, countless pages of content, and multiple content authors with no real system to manage everything.